It all started when…

I have always been precocious. Nothing in my house was safe when I was around. I would take everything apart from a young age. My parents enrolled me in robotics at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum at age 4 so I would take other people’s stuff apart. It worked. I have been taking things apart and building things, especially robots, for eleven years now. My community outreach began while mentoring in robotics at that same Orpheum Children’s Science Museum. One day the instructor no-showed and the museum director was going to cancel the class. I volunteered to teach the class. I was soon promoted to Lead Robotics Instructor. I was disheartened I was not teaching many kids who looked like me. I began to learn about the STEM gap. This angered me. It also compelled me to act. I would be the change I wanted to see. As an African American girl roboticist, I have a unique perspective on the STEM gap. I have always been a strong person and when I found myself questioning if STEM was for “me” and buying into the world’s narrow definition of who STEM is for I knew there were other minorities and girls who experienced the same and may not have the support system, opportunities, access, and resilience life has afforded me. I am a very driven person. I found two of my strengths are connecting and collaborating with people and creating solutions. I created See Me in STEM as my solution to the STEM gap.